Sheriff’s Office provides tips to protect against scams

The Granville County Sheriff’s Office has received several reports of scams victimizing residents of Granville County. Scammers have attempted to solicit information by phone, by mail and through home computers.


Some of the scams reported involve the following:


  • * Computer virus protection services
  • * Unemployment benefits
  • * Counterfeit checks
  • * Debt collections
  • * IRS/NC Department of Revenue

Sheriff’s Office Investigators have been working to resolve these reported incidents and offer these tips for your protection:


  • * Don’t respond to unsolicited emails, phone calls or mail from an unrecognized company, or one that you do not do business with;
  • * Never share financial or personal information such as your birth date, Social Security number or bank account number, unless you are sure of where this information will be going;
  • * Regularly monitor your financial accounts to make sure there are no unauthorized charges;
  • * Beware of phishing scams. Don’t click on a link from an unknown email sender.
  • * Protect your PINs and passwords. Avoid using easily identifiable information as your PIN or password, such as your mother’s maiden name, your birthdate or your phone number. Change your passwords regularly.

If you believe you have been the victim of a scam, please contact the Granville County Sheriff’s Office at 919-693-3213.

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