Reservations continue for County’s 275th Anniversary Book

Granville County marks a milestone observance this year as the County celebrates its 275th anniversary. To commemorate this landmark year, local author Lewis Bowling has been contracted by Granville County Government and the County’s 275th Anniversary Planning Committee to create a comprehensive collector-style book focusing on the history and development of this area. The book is available for pre-sale to the public.


Established by an act of the General Assembly of the Colony of North Carolina in 1746, Granville was formed from a portion of Edgecombe County in the northernmost part of the province. Since there was no western border, the County of Granville extended all the way to the Mississippi River. The first settlers here were attracted to the area by the availability of land at a fair price. An early trading path helped make Granville one of the gateways across the Virginia border.


Bowling’s book will follow Granville County’s journey from its founding until present day, and includes a narrative and photos not yet seen by the public.


“I have been gathering new material and have had a good response from folks willing to share their photos and their stories with me,” Bowling said. “I appreciate the community’s help and support.”


Bowling has already published several books that feature the history of the area, including commemorative works for the City of Oxford’s bicentennial celebration in 2016 and for Camp Butner’s 75th anniversary in 2017.


“In all of our 275 years, there has not been a comprehensive book written about Granville County that could serve as a stand-alone work like this,” said the Thornton Library’s North Carolina Room Specialist Mark Pace.


The finished work will be available by July of 2021 for a retail price of $49.95. A $5.00 discount had been set for those making reservations by Jan. 31; however, during their January meeting, the 275th Anniversary Planning Committee extended the discount deadline for three additional months. Those making book reservations by April 30 can now continue to save $5.00 off the book’s original retail price.


Order forms are available online at or through the Granville County Government Administration Office at 141 Williamsboro Street in Oxford. Contact Patrice Wilkerson at 919-603-1308 or at for more details.





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