Announcement from Granville County Courthouse

To help minimize the exposure of the Coronavirus in North Carolina, by order of the Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, many court matters are being continued and rescheduled until after April 13, 2020.


Exceptions to this general rule are proceedings necessary to preserve statutory and constitutional rights in criminal cases, such as first appearances; and proceedings necessary to obtaining emergency relief, such as protective and restraining orders. Matters that fall into these exceptions will proceed as necessary and required by law before the Court.


Cases that will be continued and rescheduled until after April 13, 2020 include 1. Magistrate’s and Small Claims Court; 2. Regular Civil and Criminal District Court; 3. Civil and Criminal Superior Court; and 4. Most Estate and Special Proceedings Hearings before the Clerk. The Clerk’s Office will mail notice of a new hearing date for all matters that are continued and are rescheduled.


Residents are encouraged to handle any other matters with the court over the phone or by mail, if they are able to do so. Contact the Clerk of Court’s office at 919-690-4800.

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