Currin is Granville’s new Natural Resource Conservationist

Byron Currin is the newly-hired Natural Resources Conservationist for Granville County’s Soil and Water District. A native of the area, Currin has prior experience from the Vance County Soil and Water Conservation District, where he worked for the past seven years.


Currin hold certifications from the N.C. Forest Service, as well as completing training in cropland conservation planning, watering facilities/piping, pasture planning, herbicide application, customer service and other trainings that have helped prepare him for this role.


A 2006 graduate of J.F. Webb High School, Currin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology. He has also completed training with the UNC School of Government for Soil and Water Conservation Supervisors.


He officially began work with Granville County Government in October of 2019, where he shadowed Soil and Water Conservation District Director Warren Daniel, who recently retired after a 35-year career. Currin’s office is located at 518 Lewis Street in Oxford, where he can be reached at 919-693-4603 (ext. 3) or at





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