“Recycle Right” campaign launches on Sept. 9

Granville County has joined North Carolina’s efforts in encouraging residents to recycle more and recycle right. “Recycle Right NC” officially launched on Sept. 9, with a ten-week awareness campaign that will help inform local citizens on the importance of single-stream recycling, in which residential recyclables are collected together.


Globally, recycling is changing for the better. Before 2018, China was a convenient outlet for unsorted, low-value classes of recyclables that domestic markets did not accept. Last January, China restricted the amount of lower-quality recyclables that the country would import. This policy made it more clear that there were problems in the industry that are now being addressed. Today, material recovery facilities (MRF’s) – which sort out different categories of recyclables into bales – are changing their focus to improving material quality and on selling recyclables in America.


These MRF’s are not designed to separate recyclables from trash, however. When well-meaning residents put non-recyclable materials in their recycling carts, the high “contamination” rates can cause reduced revenue and higher costs that are often passed on to the consumer.


North Carolina’s “Recycle Right” campaign was designed to help communities learn the importance of effective “single stream recycling,” and to help promote the message of being “cart smart.” From Sept. 9 until Nov. 15 (America Recycles Day), this campaign will help educate the public on sustainable recycling practices which will help reduce contamination while supporting local markets to put those materials back to beneficial use.


“Recycling Right,” for example, means that plastic bottles, tubs, jugs and jars – as well as metal cans and glass bottles and jars – be emptied and rinsed. And that all paper, cartons and cardboard boxes be flattened. Items to keep OUT of your recycling bin include aerosol cans, batteries, clothing/textiles, diapers, electronics, disposable cups, household glass, medical waste, plastic bags, shredded paper, tires, toys, cords, hoses, wires, hazardous waste and food-tainted items.


Through this back-to-basics public education campaign, “Recycle Right NC” – in the short term – will help communities inform residents to put only those recyclable items that MRF’s can manage in their carts. In the long-term, recycling markets will improve as contamination is reduced and the use of recycled content increases.


Granville County is joining this state-wide movement by initiating the “Recycle Right” campaign on a local level. Interested residents are encouraged to look for future public awareness tips or to visit to learn more about how to recycle and recycle right. Weekly messages and reminders will also be provided both in print and online.


According to organizers of “Recycle Right NC,” now is the time to invigorate outreach about recycling and to focus on improving the quality of recycled materials that can be used in American markets. It all starts with recyclables that are better sorted. That is where all Granville County residents can help – with every correct item that is put in the bin.


For more information about local recycling or “Recycle Right NC,” contact Teresa Baker, Granville County’s Recycle and Sustainability Coordinator at 919-725-1417 or




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