NC Department of Transportation conducts transportation survey

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT) is in the process of conducting a citizen survey, and Granville County residents are encouraged to participate.


According to statistics provided by the N.C. Office of State Budget and Management, four million people will be added to the state’s population (one million every ten years) by the year 2050, making North Carolina the 8th most populous state in the nation. Two thirds of these new residents are expected to create a “string of metropolitan areas” along the I-85 corridor, dramatically increasing traffic along I-85 and making the roadway less reliable over time. 


It is also predicted that populations in rural communities east of I-95 will begin to shrink as more people move to areas between Durham and Charlotte, resulting in a need for more reliable, long-distance transportation connections.


Through NC Moves 2050, a strategic transportation plan that will better connect North Carolina communities, opportunities are being explored which will potentially shape and impact the way the state’s transportation system operates in the future. To further develop the plan, the N.C. DOT is conducting a two-year study, divided into stages, which will involve examining all aspects of the state’s transportation system. With a goal of engaging the public to help identify needs in their own communities, this survey will be a factor in developing an implementation plan that matches future needs and opportunities with infrastructure recommendations and transportation policies.  


The five- to ten-minute series of questions is available online through June 2. There will also be other opportunities for public input throughout the two-year study process.


Local residents are urged to visit the NC DOT website to complete the survey for input from Granville County. To learn more about NC Moves 2050 or to complete the survey, visit:








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