Annual tax appraisals in progress for new construction

Annual tax appraisals for new constructions are now being conducted. According to Granville County Tax Administrator Sharon Brooks-Powell, representatives of Pearson Appraisal Service, Inc. – contracted by Granville County Government – are in the field and will be working through the end of May. Project Manager Randy Willis, as well as appraisers Audrey Pruitt and Michael Casey, will be wearing photo identification badges, which include the Granville County Seal, for authentication purposes and to verify the purpose of their visits to local property owners.


The results of their on-site appraisals – which concentrate on new construction only – will be accessed on the 2019 annual notices.


To learn more about the tax appraisal process, contact the Granville County Tax Administrators office at 919-693-4181. For more information about Granville County Government and the services and programs it provides, visit



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