Granville County telecommunicator is featured

Sharon Johnson of the Granville County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Communications Center was singled out for the N.C. NENA (National Emergency Number Association) professional newsletter in February.


Here are excerpts from her employee spotlight page, “From the Frontline:”


Sharon Johnson was hired by Granville County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Communications in July 2017. Along with call intake, Sharon is certified to work in EMS, Fire, Rescue, Sheriff’s Office and Police Dispatch. Her favorite discipline to work is Sheriff’s Dispatch. She loves this discipline due to the call volume and potential complexity of calls.


“It draws from every skill set you have,” she said.


Sharon has worked day and night shift. She likes the tempo of day shift, best. She enjoys the increased call volume and diversity of needs. What she enjoyed best on night shift was the focus on priority calls. “On night shift,” she says, “you really have to rely more on you skills and training, as well as on your co-workers.”


Sharon knows that all Emergency Services Personnel must work holidays. Her favorite holiday to work is Christmas. When asked why she prefers to work Christmas over any other holiday, Sharon says, “The citizens needing our assistance on Christmas really see to understand the sacrifice we are making and are extremely appreciative of the services provided to them.


In describing her agency, Sharon says that the Granville County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Communications Center offers a close-knit family type of atmosphere, making it a “great place to work,” and that everyone has the same common goal, which is to “provide residents and responders of Granville County with the upmost in professional and dedicated services available.”


(From North Carolina NENA 9-1-1 newsletter, Feb. 11, 2019)



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