Granville County Employee Goes Above and Beyond

EMPLOYEE HERO ALERT: Not all heroes wear capes. We want to recognize the dedication and compassion of our Granville County Animal Shelter Kennel Attendant, Matt Pippens. A long-time shelter resident, Pippa, was recently taken into foster by a rescue organization. On January 22nd, Pippa backed out of her collar in a very busy section of Morrisville. Matt went to Morrisville today on his day off and searched for her. Thankfully, Pippa was found! The skittish Pippa had developed a bond with Matt and the trust between them was how Pippa was caught. Pippa came into the shelter months ago as an owner surrender, and Matt has worked with her ever since she came into our care. Thanks, Matt! It’s folks like you who make Granville County special.

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