Granville County Receives a Companion Animal Shelter Trailer

Granville County Emergency Management recently brought home a much-anticipated tool in emergency response and disaster preparedness. As part of a Homeland Security disaster preparedness grant, Granville County was one of seven counties to receive a 24-foot trailer that can be used to shelter animals in a variety of situations. Nash County sponsored the Homeland Security grant for Domestic Preparedness Region 4. The grant allowed Nash County officials to purchase a total of seven trailers. Nash and Granville County’s each received a 24-foot trailer capable of sheltering 43 animals. Northampton, Halifax, Wilson, Franklin, and Warren Counties all received 18-foot trailers capable of sheltering 22 animals.


The trailer can also be used by Granville County Animal Management for adoption events. The climate controlled space has room for up to 43 animals, though some kennels are capable of expanding to accomadate larger dogs; this would affect the capacity of the trailer. It is also equipped with a generator, a 30-gallon fresh water tank with hot water heater, a 35-gallon waste water tank, and a stainless steel sink.


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