Government Planning and Natural Disasters

Public Safety Officials plan for emergency and disaster operations to minimize damage to life and property.  That’s their job. But imagine if ALL government functions were wiped out by a natural disaster.  What would happen if a pandemic disease affected over 75% of our county government staff and/or elected officials and they couldn’t report for work?  Could we maintain organization and the quality of our daily lives in the absence of all Public Safety agencies?  Being able to continue the provision of essential government operations in the face of all emergencies and disasters is vital to maintaining civil order and crucial services for our citizens.  


Over the last several months, the Granville County Office of Emergency Management has coordinated the creation of a Continuity of Operations Plan, (COOP) and a Continuity of Government (COG) plan.  The focus of these plans is to identify and plan for the Mission Essential Functions of each of the Granville County departments, as well as the lines of succession and governing authorities for our elected bodies.  Through this process, county government officials are prioritizing critical tasks that must remain operational at all times and are planning for sustainability in the face of all hazards.  When completed and adopted by the Board of Commissioners, elements of the COOP/COG will be tested during a facilitated tabletop exercise to ensure that the identified capabilities and processes are credible.  As living documents,  the COOP/COG will be reviewed and tested annually by County Staff and will incorporate any new processes or corrective actions identified during the review. 


Granville County is working to enhance the quality of life for its citizens through a responsive, effective and efficient local government!


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