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Household Hazardous Waste Collection

I have gathered all the totals from the Temporary/One Day Household Hazardous Waste Collection that I hosted on Saturday November 12, 2016.


I did not have someone specified to count actual vehicles, but it was a steady stream of traffic the ENTIRE duration of the Event which was from 8:00 – 1:00. I would estimate 250-300 vehicles…
Thank you does not seem to be significant enough for the success of this event and the people who come out to make it a success! I am extremely appreciative for your efforts to help keep our environment and homes clean and safe from the toxins collected.
Teresa Baker
Recycle & Sustainability Coordinator
Granville County Public Schools / Granville County




Latex Paint = 8000 lbs (Recycle/reuse) Solvent Paint = 7000 lbs
(Disposal) Aerosols = 400 lbs (Disposal) Oil = 220 lbs (Recycle)
Fluorescent lamps total = 277 lamps (Recycle) HID Lamps = 72
(Recycle/Disposal) Misc Cleaners, Soaps, Gas, etc = 2650 lbs
Total Pounds = 18,270
Total Mercury Containing Lights/Lamps = 349
*With Manpower, Materials, Trans & Disposal the total cost of this event was $9075.30Thanks to the Veolia Field Team for performing at a high level and working Safely during this event.  Quite a bit more volume than past events in the county.   (this message was from Doug Ross with Veolia)
Metech Recycling
Electronic Recycling:
Desktop Computers = 369 lbs.
Miscellaneous equipment = 1,161 lbs.
CRT Monitors = 76 lbs.                           (Recycle)
CRT TV’s = 545 lbs.
Laptops = 62 lbs.
Total Pounds Collected = 2,213 lbs.
NC Department of Agriculture Pesticides Division
 726 lbs. of herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, etc.      (Disposal)
CJ Iron & Metal
2,580 lbs of Miscellaneous scrap metal, broken bikes, lead acid batteries, etc            (Recycle)
Granville County Sheriff’s Department
102 lbs. of medications    (Disposal)
1 broken shotgun           (Disposal)
3 boxes of ammunition      (Disposal/Reuse)

Granville County One of NWS’s Newest StormReady Sites

Congratulations to the Granville County Emergency Management Department for becoming a 2017 StormReady Community! We are one of the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) ten newest sites in FY 2017. Granville County is recognized for its weather information collection and dissemination and for increasing the level of severe weather awareness.

Visit the National Weather Service site here to learn more about StormReady Communities. 

Granville County Welcomes New Commissioners

View the new County Commissioner Directory here.


Congratulations to our two new County Commissioners: Sue Hinman (District 3) and Owen Roberts (District 5)! We also want to send a special congratulations to our new Board Chairman, Commissioner Karan, and our new Vice-Chairman, Commissioner Smoak! Please view the new committee assignments for 2017 below.


Board/Committee /Liaison Assignments 2017


District 1 – Commissioner Zelodis Jayzelodis-jay

  • Board of Equalization and Review
  • Environmental Affairs Advisory Committee Liaison
  • A.R.T.S.
  • Kerr-Tar Regional COG Board
  • Planning Board Liaison
  • Solid Waste Liaison
  • Water/Sewer Matters Liaison
  • District Health Board
  • Digital Infrastructure Planning Committee



District 2 – Commissioner David Smith

  • Board of Equalization and Review
  • Finance Liaison
  • Human Relations Commission
  • Kerr-Tar Regional COG Board
  • Oxford Downtown EDC Board
  • Senior Center Advisory Committee Liaison
  • Triangle North Board
  • Audit Review Committee



District 3 – Sue Hinmansue-hinman

  • DOT Issues
  • Board of Equalization and Review
  • Granville Athletic Park/Recreation Committee Liaison
  • Franklin-Vance-Warren Opportunity Inc.
  • Library Board Liaison
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Animal Control Advisory Committee Liaison



District 4 – Commissioner Tony Cozarttony-cozart

  • Board of Equalization and Review
  • Franklin-Vance-Warren Opportunity Inc.
  • Human Relations Commission
  • Public Safety Liaison
  • Rural Transportation Advisory Committee (RTAC) – (RPO)
  • School Administration Liaison
  • Social Services Board
  • Staff Appreciation




District 5 – Owen Robertsowen-roberts-1

  • Board of Equalization and Review
  • CAMPO Alternate
  • Hwy 50 Matters
  • Juvenile Crime Prevention Council
  • Planning Board Liaison
  • Solid Waste Liaison
  • Upper Neuse River Basin Committee
  • Veterans Affairs Committee Liaison



District 6 – Commissioner Tim Karan (Chairman)

  • Board of Equalization and Review
  • Extension Leadership Advisory Council
  • Greenway Advisory Council
  • Hwy 50 Matters
  • Private Industry Council
  • School Administration Liaison
  • Economic Development Advisory Board
  • Granville Athletic Park/Recreation Committee Liaison
  • Digital Infrastructure Planning Committee



District 7 – Commissioner Edgar Smoak (Vice-Chairman)

  • Area Mental Health Board
  • Board of Equalization and Review
  • Public Safety Liaison
  • Soil & Water Board Liaison
  • Transportation Plan Work Group
  • Water/Sewer Matters Liaison
  • Audit Review Committee



2017 is the Year of Community Watch

Proclamation Declaring 2017 as “The Year of Community Watch for Granville County”


 Whereas, the vitality of our County depends on how safe we keep our homes, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and communities; and


Whereas, crime and fear of crime destroy our trust in others and in civic institutions, threatening the community’s health, prosperity, and quality of life; and


Whereas, people of all ages must be made aware of what they can do to prevent themselves and their families, neighbors, and coworkers from being harmed by crime; and


Whereas, people of all ages must be made aware of the dangers of crime and how they can protect themselves from becoming victims; and


WHEREAS, the personal injury, financial loss, and community deterioration resulting from crime are intolerable and require investment from the whole community; and


WHEREAS, crime prevention initiatives must include self-protection and security, but they must go beyond these to promote collaborative efforts to make neighborhoods safer for all ages and to develop positive opportunities for young people; and

WHEREAS, adults must invest time, resources, and policy support in effective prevention and intervention strategies for youth, and adults must make sure to engage teens in programs to drive crime from their communities; and


WHEREAS, effective crime prevention programs succeed because of partnerships with law enforcement, other government agencies, civic groups, schools, faith communities, businesses, and individuals as they help to nurture communal responsibility and instill pride;


Now, Therefore, Be It proclaimed, that the Granville County Board of Commissioners and Mayors, do hereby declare 2017 as “The Year of Community Watch for Granville County” and urge all citizens, government agencies, public and private institutions, and businesses to invest in the power of prevention and work together to make Granville County a safer, stronger, more caring community. 

View the signed proclamation here.

Senior Services Newsletter

The December 2016 Senior Services newsletter Senior Connections is now out. Click here to see the newsletter. 


The Granville Soil and Water District has received their 2016-2017 NC Agriculture Cost-Share allocation for installing agriculture best management practices. One of the most popular cost-share practices over the last few years has been sediment removal from agriculture ponds. The Soil and Water District can pay 75% of the actual costs involved, not to exceed $3000. Pictured above: Warren Daniel (Granville Soil and Water District Rep.) and Billy Sizemore (landowner) on Sizemore’s property where sediment removal was recently implemented. This pond was constructed nearly 40 years ago primarily for irrigation. For more information on pond clean out, contact Warren Daniel at the Granville Soil and Water District. Phone 919-693-4603 extension 3 or


Granville County received recognition recently at the Area IV Fall Meeting in Durham. Pictured here: L-R Danielle Adams, Area Chairman, Durham SWCD, Ronnie Burnette and NC Soil and Water Commissioner Wayne Collier. Burnette received a plaque signifying 20 years of service to Granville County as District Supervisor on the Soil and Water Conservation District Board. The plaque was presented at the Area IV Fall Meeting held in Durham, NC and was hosted by the Durham Soil and Water District.

Congrats, Mr. Burnette! Thank you for your service.

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