Comprehensive Plan


Comprehensive Plan Update

Granville County is Updating the Comprehensive Plan


The Project

Granville County is updating its Comprehensive Plan. The project presents an opportunity for residents, businesses and other stakeholders to have a say in the County’s future growth, development, and quality of life. An effective Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map will help shape the vision and reflect the unique identity of the community. The Plan will analyze current conditions, establish goals, and create strategies relevant to land use, transportation, utilities, natural resources, recreation, economic development, and more.

Draft Plan Available for Review

A draft of the Granville County Comprehensive Plan is available for review and comment at:

Please review the plan and send comments via this short survey:

The Schedule

The project is almost completed! We met our goal for late summer 2018! For a detailed schedule see the link at: Schedule_2018_08_21

Stay Involved

  • Online – Visit the Granville County home page and scroll to find the link to the Comprehensive Plan. You can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @Plan4Granville. Here you will find upcoming public meetings, relevant articles of interest, and more!
  • Talk with your local Steering Committee member – Granville County commissioners have appointed a steering committee composed of representatives from throughout the county. These members come from a variety of backgrounds and are tasked with assisting the county in the development of the plan.  For a list of steering committee members see the pdf at: Steering Committee
  • Email/Call Us – Barry Baker, Granville County Planning Director, 919.603.1334 or Jake Petrosky, Project Manager, Stewart, 919.866.4812 or Kathy Morris, Secretary, 919.603.1331.


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