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Product Recovery Management

200 20th Street, Butner, NC


Founded in 1990, Product Recovery Management (PRM) is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of equipment and replacement items used in environmental remediation and landfill gas recovery. It is a family-operated business owned by brothers Mel and Brian Phillips, who purchased their parents’ electrical contracting company and incorporated shortly after. What started as Phillips Electric Company (PEC) of Durham has now grown into a well-established corporation, with 60 employees who offer decades of experience.


In the late 1980s, PEC was hired to wire service stations for a local petroleum company and to address a gas spill from an underground storage tank. Product Recovery Management became a subsidiary of PEC after a larger gas spill threatened a small creek bed near Hillsborough. Due to the efforts of PRM, contamination of the local drinking water was prevented.

Today, PRM custom builds and provides remediation equipment –  such as soil vapor extractors, air strippers, moisture separators, thermal and electric oxidizers, vapor mitigators and landfill gas equipment – as well as rental systems for long and short-term projects.  Customized terms allow clients to meet specific budgets and timelines, with smaller equipment available for daily, weekly or monthly use.

“While we are not in the business of ’emergency response,’” company owner Mel Phillips explains, “we build custom equipment that is needed for a wide variety of environmental needs, and we stand behind everything we build.”


PRM’s client base includes engineering consulting companies who provide precise specifications and the certifications required for the remediation projects. PRM, in turn, implements these designs on site using welders, electricians, metal workers and other professionals who not only construct and test the completed product, but prepare it for shipment to locations all over the world.

Since various technologies and configurations have been used in the design and construction of the equipment, PRM utilizes expert field crews and master technicians, as well as professionals trained in routine maintenance and emergency repair. Services also include installation assistance and safety operations, with licensed and  properly insured agents.

Over time, PRM has extended its services from North Carolina to the entire United States and abroad, with systems in Canada, China, Ecuador and Saudi Arabia. A 2014 facility relocation – from Durham to a larger facility in Butner – resulted in faster lead times, with room for future expansion as new equipment and personnel are added to serve a growing clientele.


Triangle Stainless, Inc. –  a sister company of PRM that manufactures countertops, sinks and propane tanks  – shares the same Butner facility, further increasing productivity and efficiency. Also on site is  PRM Filtration, one of the nation’s leading suppliers of replacement items for equipment in the environmental remediation and landfill gas recovery industries. This wholesale store offers high quality parts and supplies at competitive prices and is open to the public. Orders can also be placed online.


 According to Phillips, there are many opportunities for students and those interested in learning more about the construction of this specialized equipment and environmental remediation.  Jobs at PRM include trades such as welders, machinists, metal workers and electricians, as well as logistics, inventory, quality control, purchasing and field services.

PRM provides on-site training and a competitive wage, as well as company benefits.


With a focus on quality and safety, PRM has set a goal of providing environmental treatment equipment and products at the best value.

“PRM started as – and still is – a family-owned company, and we are proud that we can provide large company resourcefulness with small company individualism,” Phillips has said about the company established by his parents decades earlier. “We have a passion for environmental stewardship, but what we really build is customer relationships.”

For more information about Product Recovery Management, call 919-957-8890 or visit To learn more about manufacturing in Granville County, contact Economic Development Director Harry Mills at 919-693-5911.




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