Tax Department

he Tax Department exists for the listing, appraisal, assessment and collection of taxes on real and personal property as required by North Carolina General Statutes. This generates a primary source of revenue to fund all county agencies. The department also determines in which municipal district property is found and assesses and collects the revenue. It is responsible for placing a valuation on all property and keeping a list of current owners. Digital property maps are maintained in the department.

Our Tax Rates:

County rate  .88 per $100
 City of Oxford  .64 per $100
 Town of Butner  .365 per $100
 City of Creedmoor  .665 per $100
 Town of Stovall  .49 per $100
 Town of Stem  .45 per $100


Tax foreclosures are listed on the bulletin board outside of the Register of Deeds office at the Granville County Courthouse. 

Vehicle refunds are issued if tax payer does not have any delinquent taxes. Tax payer must turn the tag into the DMV office and send the receipt to the Tax Office in person, by mail, or email. 

To contact the Granville County Tax Department, please call:   Assessing 919-693-4181 or              Collections 919-693-7714.


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