Soil & Water Conservation

The Granville County Soil and Water Conservation District, a political subdivision of State Government, provides local assistance in natural resource management. The District’s major focus continues to be the implementation of State and Federal Regulations and Cost Share programs that effect water quality.


  • The District implements both state and federal programs to assist in installing best management practices and conservation planning with the goal of protecting our natural resources.
  • The District offers both federal and state financial assistance on implementing certain Best Management Practices on agricultural land.
  • The District provides information and coordinates assistance from other agencies by means of newsletters, newspaper articles, magazines, and meetings in an effort to keep the public aware of soil and water conservation issues.
  • The District offers an extensive environmental education program to encourage public awareness of soil and water conservation.


Warren Daniel, Director

518 Lewis Street, Oxford, NC 27565

919-693-4603 (Ext. 3)

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