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Address:  Granville Athletic Park
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Young players sitting on the field
What's an 'Organic Ballfield?'

The Jonesland Environmental Park was deeded to Granville County with the requirement that it be maintained organically — using only natural fertilizers and natural pest controls. And so we find ourselves near the cutting edge of a growing international movement — Sports and the Environment.

Sports professionals and sports organizations around the world are studying the environmental impact of sporting facilities, events, and equipment. They are concerned with the impact of sports on the environment, and also with the impact of the sporting environment on participating athletes.

One of the potential threats to athletes is the accumulation of pesticides and landscaping chemicals on playing fields. Ball players, as they run, slide, and fall on the field, are in close contact with any residual sprays or chemicals on the grass or in the dirt.

At the Granville Athletic Park we use only organic fertilizers made from natural compost, not from petroleum. Our fields are safer for children and pets, and the turf grows strong with a deep root system. For weed and pest control we are experimenting with a variety of natural substances — so far, a mixture of clove oil, vinegar, and lemon juice has been most effective in fighting unwanted weeds on the playing fields!