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Summer Civic Leadership Program begins

The Granville County Board of Commissioners’ Summer Civic Leadership Program for rising Granville County seniors began on June 13. The program is in its twentieth year. Interns will work for five weeks, rotating through Granville County departments and learning about how their local county government operates. The program has a competitive application and interview process. Fifteen applicants were interviewed this year. Interns are Brooklyn Pridgeon, Sarah Elliott, Anthony Goreman, Tanaura Harrison, and Akoya Penny-Campbell.


Pictured (left to right, front) are Brooklyn Pridgeon, Sarah Elliott; and (back)) Anthony Goreman, Tanaura Harrison, Akoya Penny-Campbell.


Grant cycle begins for Granville County Tourism Development

Criteria for Mini Grants 2019-2020

2019-2020 TDA Mini Grant Application (PDF)

2019-2020 TDA Mini Grant Application (Doc)


The Granville County Tourism Development Authority (GCTDA) is now accepting applications for the upcoming fiscal year. The 2019-2020 grant application period runs from Jan. 1, 2019 through April 1, 2020.


The Primary Purpose of the Granville Tourism Development Authority (GTDA) Mini-Grant Program is to stimulate and assist Granville County organizations and agencies in the enhancement, promotion and marketing of tourism and culturally related events that create a known economic impact from visitor spending. This program is designed to establish activities and events which can eventually grow and thrive without direct funding from this grant program.  Funding from the GTDA Mini-Grant should be considered as a supplemental resource only.


Primary consideration will be given to projects/programs with demonstrated/defined potential for positive economic impact to projects that promote travel and the GTDA’s mission of promoting the area as a destination and increase occupancy rates in Granville County through day and weekend visits.  Events planned for off-peak times may receive higher priority and first consideration by the GTDA.


Applicants eligible for grant funding must be a Granville County-based community group, non-profit organization, county municipalities or recognized community within the county lines.  For-profit groups cannot apply for grant funds unless the event’s proceeds will go to a community supported event (i.e. fundraiser).

Total funding of any event, project, or program will not be greater than 25 percent of the total project budget and will not exceed $5,000.  Included with the request may be a one-time artist/entertainment allowance up to $1,000.  If this allowance is granted, the GTDA expects the artist/entertainment source to publicize the event and to include the Tourism Development Authority in all advertisements.


Applications are available through through the Granville County Tourism Development office in Oxford. All applications should be submitted by email to, or in person/by mail to the Granville County Tourism Development office (124 Hillsboro Street, P.O. Box 820, Oxford NC, 27565) by April 1, 2019 at 5 p.m.  The Tourism office is located inside Granville Chamber of Commerce office in Downtown Oxford.


Grant information sessions will be held throughout the cycle. Visit or contact the Granville County Tourism Office at 919-693-5125 for more details about these sessions.


To learn more about this grant, contact Granville County Tourism Director Angela Allen by phone at 919-693-6125 or by email at

Recreation Grant Q&A Sessions Scheduled

Information sessions for the Granville County Recreation Grant are scheduled for:


  • Wednesday, December 12th, from 10-11am at the County Manager’s Office in Oxford
  • Friday, January 4th, from 3:30-4:30pm at the County Manager’s Office in Oxford
  • Monday, January 7th, from 5:30-6:30pm at Thornton Library, Oxford


Learn more about the recreation grant here.

JCPC meeting cancelled for October 12

The JCPC meeting has been cancelled for October 12th.

-Charla Duncan, JCPC Coordinator

Little Free Libraries Come to the GAP

As a part of the partnership between Granville County Government and the Granville County United Way, two new partners have highlighted a different type of recreation at the Granville Athletic Park (the GAP). Franklin Granville Vance (FGV) Smart Start partnered with Boy Scout Troop 637 (sponsored by the Oxford United Methodist Church) to build, install, and stock two little free libraries at the GAP. Steve Sievert is the troop leader. The work to cut, paint, and assemble the libraries was performed by Chay Strother as a part of his Eagle project.

One library is located near the butterfly garden at the Belltown Road entrance to the park, and the other library is located near the playground and picnic shelter area. A variety of books will be provided for visitors to read while attending the park or to take home with them.

FGV Smart Start is asking for donations of books to keep the Little Free Libraries stocked. Call FGV at 919-433-9110 to donate. You can also take a book to exchange when you visit the little free libraries.

The partnership between Granville County and the United Way is a three-year community focus to diversify recreation at the GAP and to make the park a more inclusive space for all. The GAP is located at 4615 Belltown Road, Oxford.


Granville County District Tours Commence

County Commissioners have begun tours of their districts with interested board members, staff, and community stakeholders. During the month of September, Commissioners of District 6 (Tim Karan), District 1 (Zelodis Jay), District 2 (David Smith), and District 7 (Edgar Smoak) have taken a tour bus through every nook and cranny of their sections of Granville County. Tour groups have seen visitor attractions, county and municipal infrastructure, historic sites, residential developments, major industries, and much more. Below are a few shots from each district. Visit us on Facebook @GranvilleCountyGov for more photos.


Granville County Shelter Dogs Head Out West

Weather conditions across the state led to some unexpected assistance in Granville County this week as a Kansas animal rescue group provided relief to the animal shelter.


In an effort to assist those impacted by Hurricane Florence, Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption of Mission, Kansas – with assistance from Polk County SPCA of Livingston, Texas and Paws4Life of Shreveport, Louisiana – reached out to North Carolina animal shelters who were at or near capacity, arriving with transport units to take animals back to safer areas.  According to Granville County Animal Control Director Matt Katz, there was room for several more animals on the return trip. This was a welcome relief locally, as kennels were already pressed for space before the storm even made landfall on our coast.


Over the weekend, several more pets had been surrendered to the Granville County shelter and no more kennel space was available, Katz explains. When volunteer Roxanne Blackburn was contacted by Sherry Davis with the Polk County SPCA about pulling animals on their way out of North Carolina, the offer couldn’t have come at a better time.


Granville County’s Animal Shelter’s save rate is 80 to 90 percent, Katz noted, but the “tough decisions” sometimes have to be made. Not this time, however, as 26 animals were rescued.


Unleashed Pet Rescue is a licensed, nonprofit animal shelter that works to save the lives of rescued pets, pulling them to safety. The organization works to find homes for pets of all ages, health, temperaments and history, giving each animal an opportunity for a better life. During Hurricane Harvey, Unleashed Pet Rescue was an integral part of the animal rescue efforts along the Gulf Coast, as well as offering assistance during other emergencies across the nation. 


Katz says that this will be the first time all year that the shelter has had this many open kennels.


“These folks also pulled dogs from Franklin and Vance Counties on their way out of the state,” Katz said. “This may lead to another avenue for placement of our dogs.”


Katz credits Roxanne Blackburn for taking the initiative and “jumping on this opportunity,” and asks anyone interested in the welfare of local animals to thank these groups for their assistance.


“We are grateful to Roxanne for all her help in this, and ask everyone to please take a moment to thank these groups on their Facebook pages. This opens up so many opportunities for us, and we couldn’t be more grateful.”



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