Duncan completes training at UNC School of Government

Charla Duncan, Granville County Management Analyst (Administration Office), recently graduated from the UNC School of Government’s Municipal and County Administration Program. This course is designed for city and county managers, department heads and other city or county officials whose responsibilities require an understanding of functions beyond individual areas of specialization.


During the April 12 graduation ceremony, Duncan was awarded the Edwin M. Gill Award, given by the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners. Since 1965, this award has been given in to the student in the County Administration Course with the most distinguished record in the course, based on input from classroom peers, professors  and course performance. The award is in honor of Edwin M. Gill who served as Chairman of the Local Government Commission and State Treasurer from 1953 to 1976.


The UNC School of Government’s Municipal and County Administration Program gives attendees a chance to:

  • Understand the legal framework and administrative requirements of North Carolina city and county government;
  • Learn about how specific city and county services are organized and provided;
  • Appreciate the interrelation among different activities or departments and how specific laws, programs, and functions contribute to the achievement of the overall mission of a local government;
  • Become part of a broader network of local government peers on whom participants will be able to draw for assistance in the future.


Duncan has served as Management Analyst for Granville County Government since May of 2018, having served as Grants Coordinator from August 2016 until last year’s transition. She holds a Masters degree in Public Administration from New York University (NYU).


(Duncan is pictured on home page with Granville County Commissioner and Board Chairman Zelodis Jay.)


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