Official groundbreaking ceremony held March 12

A groundbreaking ceremony was held Tuesday, March 12 for Granville County’s new Law Enforcement Center and Animal Shelter. Space needs studies had determined that the facilities currently in use were no longer adequate to meet the county’s needs. Situated just off I-85, the new location at 525 New Commerce Drive in Oxford is easily accessible from Butner, Creedmoor and Oxford.


The new Law Enforcement Center will include the Granville County Sheriff’s Office, the county’s Emergency Communications Center (9-1-1 Call Center) and a Detention Center all under one roof, for a total of more than 88,000 square feet. Initially, the detention center will include 176 beds for both men and women, with an ultimate capacity of 250 beds if additional housing units are added to meet future needs. This more spacious facility will eliminate the need to transport inmates to other facilities, reducing risk and saving costs by eliminating out-of-county housing.


A separate pre-engineered Sheriff’s vehicle storage area and warehouse will also be provided on site. 


The new Granville County Animal Shelter will include additional kennel space and administrative offices for Animal Shelter staff and Animal Control, combining several existing facilities into one. Totaling 8,500 square feet, the new Shelter will more than double its current size and will provide kennel space for 40 to 60 dogs and 40 to 60 cats, a dramatic increase in the number that is presently housed. In addition, the new shelter will have more outdoor space for livestock and for exercise areas. The goal is to increase adoptions and decrease the number of animals euthanized due to space restrictions.


Foundation work for the new Law Enforcement Center started Feb. 8. Grading continues for areas of the Animal Shelter, entrances, parking areas and surrounding open spaces. Building foundations will continue with an estimated completion date of August, 2019. Although there have been some temporary delays due to weather conditions, all work is scheduled to be completed in April of 2020.


The Sheriff’s Office is expected to transition in their new location in July of 2020, with the Animal Shelter to move into their new facility (estimated) the following September. Move-in date for the Detention Center is expected to be December of 2020.


Information packets about this project are available through email. Please send requests to for a digital copy or to have a copy reserved for you to pick up from the County Manager’s Office, 141 Williamsboro Street in Oxford.




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