County Animal Control purchases livestock trailer

An anonymous donation to the Humane Society of Granville County has paved the way for the purchase of a livestock trailer to be used by Granville County Animal Control. The 16-foot trailer will allow animal control officers to better handle the collection and transport of loose livestock, live animal rescue and large animal cruelty cases.


The Granville County Animal Management Division exists to protect the public from incidence and harm from animals and to protect domestic animals from neglect and abuse. Animal Management also shelters strays and unwanted animals, provides proper living conditions, sanitation, nourishment and basic health care while making every attempt to re-unite these animals with their owners or determine re-homing options.


This protection to residents and to animals is an integral part of the mission statement of Granville County Animal Management, according to Director Matt Katz.  With several reports of roaming sheep, cows, horses, pigs and other large animals in the past several months, the recently purchased Adams Overnighter will enable officers to better adhere to this directive as they collect and transport loose and stray animals of all sizes, as well as those that have been abused or neglected.


“This spacious new trailer is definitely an asset to our animal control team,” Katz said. “A huge ‘thank you’ to this generous donor and to the Humane Society of Granville County.”


For more information about the services provided by Granville County Animal Management, visit

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