Board of Elections holds swearing in ceremony

The Granville County Board of Elections recently held a swearing in ceremony for new officers.

The Board of Elections consists of five board members who are appointed by the State Board of Elections. The staff includes Tonya C. Burnette (Director of Elections), Colette S. Kneeland (Deputy Director) and Lorraine LeGates (Elections Clerk).

The Board of Elections works diligently to conduct fair and impartial elections while making sure that every citizen has the right to vote in an election.

Duties and responsibilities involved in running the Board of Elections include:

  • providing statistical information to the public, students, and universities;
  • producing lists and mailing labels for candidates, parties, insurance agents, and businesses;
  • processing voter registration forms from the public and from agencies such as Social Services, DMV, Employment Security Commission and the library;
  • appointing and training precinct election officials;
  • maintaining the voter registration database by removing deceased voters and felons based on state lists, as well as voters who have moved out of the county or state;
  • educating the public by presenting information related to voter registration and election laws;
  • ensuring that all polling places are surveyed and are ADA compliant;
  • mailing absentee ballots to civilian voters and mailing or faxing absentee ballots to military voters who request them;
  • providing accurate maps to the public; and
  • providing our community with the tools they need to learn more about elections.


The Board of Elections office is located at 208 Wall Street in Oxford. Contact them by phone at 919-693-2515 or visit for more details.

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