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January 4th Message from Emergency Management

From Granville County Emergency Management: The National Weather Service is issuing advisories for bitter cold wind chill effects associated with the aftermath of this recent winter storm. Our area may experience low temperatures in the low teens with wind chill temperatures as low as -3 degrees on Friday morning at or near the normal commute time. Please take precautions if you must be outside during this time. Dress warmly in layers and cover exposed skin. If possible, avoid breathing the extremely cold air by covering your mouth and nose with a scarf or other warm layer of clothing. And please be reminded that these temperatures will adversely affect your pets as well. Bring them indoors if at all possible, but at the very least, make sure they have a secure, sturdy shelter with fresh bedding to protect them from the wind and please provide them an unfrozen, fresh water supply.

National Weather Service Update from Emergency Management (Jan. 3, 2018)

1/3/2018 @ 8:30AM – The latest forecast from the National Weather Service keeps us in a marginal area for accumulating snowfall. Predictions are for a trace upwards of an inch in some areas. If we receive any, we may expect to see snow begin between 6PM and 11PM as the bulk of the storm system moves over our coast. Of course, with temperatures as low as they are, anything that falls will be frozen and will likely stick to any exposed surface. This may cause some travel difficulties on any untreated road surface. Please use extra caution if you must be on the roads during this time.

National Weather Service Update from Emergency Management

From Granville County Emergency Management 1/2/2018 @ 8:25AM – The National Weather Service is forecasting a slight chance for our area to see some snowfall Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Currently, the primary threat of accumulation will be east of I-95. Bitterly cold air will remain over the next several days. Please take precautions to protect water pipes from bursting and to ensure that you have an adequate source of heat in your homes. Remember, NEVER use charcoal or other such material inside your home, and if you are burning a fireplace, please make sure it is venting properly. If you have gas heat, an oil furnace, a fireplace, or other non-electric heat source be certain that your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working properly! When going outdoors, cover exposed skin, dress in several insulating layers and limit your time outside. And PLEASE, take measures to protect your pets from the cold. If at all possible, bring them indoors during this cold weather! Make sure that any outdoor pets or livestock have a shelter to go into, and a good source of unfrozen fresh water.

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