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Rabies Case in Bullock Area

Animal Control picked up a raccoon that attacked a dog on Tuesday 9/5/17 near the intersection of Buckhorn Rd and JG Morton Rd, Bullock.  The dog has an up-to-date Rabies vaccine, was examined by a local veterinarian, and given a booster Rabies vaccine. Flyers will be posted on homes near the incident. 

Please keep your pets and livestock up-to-date on vaccines. 

Rabies vaccines are available at the Granville County Animal Shelter Monday – Friday 12:00 pm – 4:30 pm for $6.00.



Change of Meeting Location – Human Relations Commission

The Human Relations Commission will meet on Monday, September 11, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. at the Granville County Expo and Convention Center located at 4185 US Highway 15 South, Oxford instead of the Richard H. Thornton Library.

Sept. 7 Irma Update from Emergency Management

9/7/2017 @ 8:30AM – Update on Hurricane Irma. The storm continues to head towards the Florida coast, but also shifts slightly eastward with just about every forecast. A Category 5 Storm with sustained wind speeds of 180mph and higher wind gusts. In the graphic below, the center line basically represents the middle of the POSSIBLE tracks at the time of the forecast. This is called the Forecast Error Cone. As you can see, the farther out the storm, the larger the forecast error cone. Essentially, the eye of the storm could go anywhere within that forecast cone. And don’t get too caught up with the location of the “Eye.” That is the center of circulation and with a storm like this that is 400miles wide, that means storm force winds and rains extend 200 miles on either side of the “Eye.” By the time the “Eye” makes it onto land, hurricane force winds have already been blowing for some time. Watch this one closely and get prepared NOW!
Irma trajectory
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Irma Update from Emergency Management

9/6/2017 @ 8:10 AM – Hurricane Irma is now about six (6) forecast days away from landfall somewhere on the East Coast. According to one report, this storm is the strongest ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. It definitely needs to be closely monitored over the next several days, and personal/family/pet preparations should be made NOW! You can get great information here: There is much speculation as to the track of the storm. Presently, it appears to be aiming for the southern tip of Florida, but as seen by the latest forecast, it continues to shift slightly eastward and as such, anywhere on the East Coast is subject to be directly impacted. Even if North Carolina does not get directly hit, we may still feel the storm’s effects well inland to include high winds, heavy rainfall, severe thunderstorms and the possibility of tornadoes. Stay tuned to local television and radio sources to get the latest, and as always, we will continue to watch intensely and make informed decisions on response if it should become necessary.


-Doug Logan, Emergency Management Director

Hurrican Irma trajectory

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