Soil & Water Cost Share Program Aids Local Landowners

Henry Denny, pictured below in Granville County, recently worked with the Granville Soil and Water District to use cost share funds through the NC Agriculture Cost Share Program. These funds allowed Mr. Denny to remove sediment from his pond caused by erosion/runoff from adjoining cropland over the years.

The Soil and Water District can provide 75% of the cost – not to exceed $3000 –  for sediment removal. Mr. Denny’s pond is used for irrigation, and since being cleaned out it has almost doubled in capacity. Mr. Denny, a native of Granville County, is retired from Alliance One International, Inc.. He and his wife now live in Raleigh. Henry makes his way over several times a week to tend to his garden and visit with friends and relatives. Wade Milton rents the farm to raise tobacco and beef cows. For more information on cost-share contact Warren Daniel at 919-693-4603 or email



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