Severe Weather Preparedness- Thunder and Lightening

 All thunderstorms produce lightning and are a significant threat in North Carolina. If you hear thunder roar, go indoors! Be #ReadyNC 

 Remember, if you can hear thunder lightning is close enough to strike you. Move to a safe shelter such as a home, office building, school or restaurant. Stay away from mobile homes, sheds, tents and porches. Be #ReadyNC. 

During NC weather remain in your safe shelter at least 30 minutes after you hear the last roar of thunder. While indoors, stay away from corded phones, electrical equipment, plumbing, windows and doors. Stay safe and #ReadyNC.

Lightning Safety Action Plan: Outdoors? Make sure plans allow enough time to reach a safe shelter. Check the forecast for storms before your activity; if storms are predicted, postpone events. Monitor weather during your outdoor activity. Be #ReadyNC. 


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