Spring Wildfire Season

2/19/2017 @ 3:10PM – Message from Granville County Forest Ranger Rob Montague “Spring Wildfire Season is Here!
The Granville County Fire Marshal’s Office and the NC Forest Service urge residents to be careful with fire. Granville County Fire Departments and the NC Forest Service responded to multiple wildfires across the county this weekend, caused by careless debris burning. Dry conditions and dead cured grasses allowed these fires to spread quickly. Proper and vigilant care is required when burning yard debris. Always clear to bare soil around the burn area, have a water source and tools available when burning, and stay with the fire until it is completely out. Check the weather before starting any fire and if it is dry or windy, delay burning until after significant rainfall. Utilize other options such as mulching and composting if possible. It’s always illegal to burn any processed material. Residents are held responsible for their fire, including damage to others’ property and possible court prosecution for escaped fires. For weather forecasts and more information on proper burning visit or call the Granville County Forest Ranger at (919)-693-3154 or the Granville County Fire Marshal at (919)603-1310.”

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