Household Hazardous Waste Collection

I have gathered all the totals from the Temporary/One Day Household Hazardous Waste Collection that I hosted on Saturday November 12, 2016.


I did not have someone specified to count actual vehicles, but it was a steady stream of traffic the ENTIRE duration of the Event which was from 8:00 – 1:00. I would estimate 250-300 vehicles…
Thank you does not seem to be significant enough for the success of this event and the people who come out to make it a success! I am extremely appreciative for your efforts to help keep our environment and homes clean and safe from the toxins collected.
Teresa Baker
Recycle & Sustainability Coordinator
Granville County Public Schools / Granville County




Latex Paint = 8000 lbs (Recycle/reuse) Solvent Paint = 7000 lbs
(Disposal) Aerosols = 400 lbs (Disposal) Oil = 220 lbs (Recycle)
Fluorescent lamps total = 277 lamps (Recycle) HID Lamps = 72
(Recycle/Disposal) Misc Cleaners, Soaps, Gas, etc = 2650 lbs
Total Pounds = 18,270
Total Mercury Containing Lights/Lamps = 349
*With Manpower, Materials, Trans & Disposal the total cost of this event was $9075.30Thanks to the Veolia Field Team for performing at a high level and working Safely during this event.  Quite a bit more volume than past events in the county.   (this message was from Doug Ross with Veolia)
Metech Recycling
Electronic Recycling:
Desktop Computers = 369 lbs.
Miscellaneous equipment = 1,161 lbs.
CRT Monitors = 76 lbs.                           (Recycle)
CRT TV’s = 545 lbs.
Laptops = 62 lbs.
Total Pounds Collected = 2,213 lbs.
NC Department of Agriculture Pesticides Division
 726 lbs. of herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, etc.      (Disposal)
CJ Iron & Metal
2,580 lbs of Miscellaneous scrap metal, broken bikes, lead acid batteries, etc            (Recycle)
Granville County Sheriff’s Department
102 lbs. of medications    (Disposal)
1 broken shotgun           (Disposal)
3 boxes of ammunition      (Disposal/Reuse)

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